Empowering People to Lead Clearly…

Business, Family, and Self

Satisfaction, Commitment, and Happiness…

Everyone hopes to experience it themselves and inspire it in others, but few achieve it. Why?

Are there certain core values and beliefs that make it possible? I believe there are, and leading research says, yes!

Over the last 15 years, I’ve been focused on identifying and understanding the patterns of thought and behavior that lead to

meaningful communication and winning action.

Learn to Lead Clearly Through the Science of Authentic Leadership.

Dr. Kristie Polk

Psy. D. in Human & Org Psychology M.S. in Organizational Leadership B.S. in Org Communications Certified Human Resource Mgnmt

Coach and Consultant

Psychology Instructor

What People Are Saying

“Each time I work with Kristie, she imparts fundamental truth. Among her many talents, is the ability to cut through excuses and fears to facilitate genuine growth. I have become a more effective self-leader as a result of my time spent with Dr. Polk.”

- Diane; Program Director

“Kristie ranks as one of the top, in a handful of individuals, that I would want to grow a business with.”

- Dan; Attorney at Law

“After an exceptionally insightful session with Dr. Polk, my partner and I both feel like we experienced a critical breakthrough. We both can see how different the landscapes of our hearts are. We are more hopeful today than we have been in months! Hopeful for the future of our relationship and the direction of our business, because of it.”

- Susan; Executive Director

“I’ve worked with Kristie on multiple projects. She’s honest, energetic, effective and innovative”

- Richard; Project Manager

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